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Caroline Plummer, Fashion Blogger

There is something magic about the word "fashion blogger". Creating an own universe, only based on your own vision, mood and personal inspiration. And, most importantly: With an own, very distinctive style. 

For Caroline Plummer, who is blogging at Rainbowdash, this is definitely the case. Her fine sense for combining outfits with a hint of vintage feelings is met with a talent for layering - a fashion technique much needed in the Nordics. 

In our series about Cool Copenhageners, we invite you to meet interesting people from Mermaid Stories' hometown who tell us their stories and let us take a glimpse on their work. We were delighted to ask Caroline about how she got started blogging - by the way as far back as in 2011 - and about her favorite spots in Copenhagen.  


Dear Caroline, where did your adventure as a blogger start?

It all started when I worked as a Fashion Assistant at Cover, which was (and in a way still is) my all-time favorite Danish fashion magazine. It was such a fun time, and when it ended, they asked me if I wanted to be part of their blogger team and I did not have to think twice before accepting their offer.


How did you come up with the name for your blog? Why is it called Rainbowdash?

Actually, I collected My Little Ponies as a young teenager (in the spirit of Summer Roberts from the O.C., who was my biggest inspiration) and Rainbow Dash has always been my favorite, so it felt natural to name my blog after her.


These days, being a blogger has become a job many young people dream of, especially within the area of lifestyle and fashion. Do you feel the competition has become fiercer in the past years?  

That is true. However, I recently became part of the blog community Society B, and the other bloggers inspire and motivate me so much – I do not see it as a competition really, as all bloggers are different and have their own style and personal touch. I think of it as a source of inspiration and motivation to do things better myself.


Caroline Plummer - Blogger - Rainbow Dash - Mermaid Stories Copenhagen


What is your favorite topic to write about?

Definitely fashion. Even though I love to write, I don’t write loooong texts on my blog, as I think of it more as a visual source of inspiration.


How has blogging changed your attitude towards fashion?

I love fashion as much as I always have. However, I think as a blogger you gain a greater understanding of how the industry works and you see how much effort is put into fashion; from design to production to launch etc. - and I think that is really interesting. I have so much respect for the fashion business and the people working in it. It can definitely be a hardcore business!


In your category “New In” you flash your newest items – do you have a favorite purchase for the upcoming spring and summer?

I just bought a pair of Stan Smith platforms, with a double sole. I have been eyeing them for so long now, so I decided that it was time for a couple of fresh, new, white sneakers that can add some extra centimeters to my height. Also, I have recently ordered the most beautiful bomber jacket from Danish designer Lærke Andersen, which I am really excited about receiving.


Caroline Plummer - Blogger - Rainbow Dash - Mermaid Stories Copenhagen


You live in Copenhagen. Is that an advantage as a blogger here in Denmark?

I think it is. A lot of the showrooms and cool stores are in Copenhagen, so I guess there is some advantage to it, as it is easier to stop by a showroom after work and stay close to your network. However, I also think that Aarhus is a really cool city.


Talking about Copenhagen, do you have any favorite places in the city that you keep returning to?

I used to live right next to Frederiksberg Have, which I really miss. It is such a beautiful and breathtaking place. Now that I live in Nørrebro, I like to meet up with my dad or my sister (or both) for an early breakfast during the weekdays at Mirabelle. They have the best morning vibe – and the best croissants!


Which are your favorite destinations in Copenhagen when it comes to fashion shopping?

I love Adélie on Guldbergsgade in Nørrebro, as they always have a perfect selection of some of the coolest Danish brands. Rezet Store is definitely my favorite place to shop for sneakers, and Nørgaard paa Strøget is a true favorite of mine and has been that since I was a little girl – plus my sister works there, which makes it extra enjoyable to come there!

Caroline Plummer - Blogger - Rainbow Dash - Mermaid Stories Copenhagen

What are some of your most beloved Danish brands?

Lærke Andersen makes the coolest items ever. If I had the money for it, I would probably invest in her entire collection and just add some basic items on the side. And Katrine Kristensen when it comes to jewelry – she is so cool and talented and she really understands how to make beautiful silver pieces.


What is the best and the worst thing about being a blogger?

The best thing is all the experiences and opportunities it has given me and all the cool people I get to meet. And the fact that it is my own personal and creative space, where I can do whatever I want. The worst thing about it is that people tend to look down at bloggers and fail to recognize how hard some of them work.


Caroline Plummer - Blogger - Rainbow Dash - Mermaid Stories Copenhagen


Besides your life as a blogger, what do you do?  

I just finished my MA in English from Copenhagen University, and now I work full time at a Creative Communication Agency called Patchwork Group.


Is it your plan to become a full time blogger in the nearest future?

Nope. It never has. I want it to be a secondary thing that I can enjoy and engage in when I feel like it.


Besides your own blog, Rainbowdash, can you recommend some others that you like to read yourself?

I can definitely recommend the entire Society B team – it is so great to have all my favorite bloggers gathered in one stream!


➸ Head over to Caroline's instagram account to discover more about her style and inspirations, or read more on her blog (both in Danish and English).


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Interview by Mermaid Stories
Photos: Courtesy of Caroline Plummer
May 15, 2017 von Mermaid Stories
Kategorien: Cool Copenhageners