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Laura Tønder, Creative Soul & Designer
Creating a unique personal style that stands out from the crowd is not easy. However, Laura managed to find and maintain a fun and edgy way to let her personality shine through fashion, as well as to inspire others to do the same.

Since Couturekulten was founded by Laura Tønder in 2009, it has followed her life that is greately influenced by her main passion - fashion
. With education in fashion design from Margrethe Skolen, as well as experience from designer work, Laura strives not only to make an impact on the fashion world with her unique style and sense of fashion, but also help other girls find their inner voice through clothing.




Since when have you been blogging?

I started Couturekulten as a hobby back in November 2009, so almost nine years ago!


How can we imagine your everyday?

My days never look the same at the moment, but I turn to my closet every morning not knowing what to wear and sometimes I find the look picture-worthy.


Edgy and fun photoshoot of Laura Tønder.


How do you balance blogging with your day job?

For me I’m lucky to have two dream jobs, and I get to spent every moment of the day working somehow related to fashion, which is super exciting and rewarding.


What is the most challenging about being a design assistant in fashion?

The constant fear of not evolving. Since fashion is always moving, I’m constantly afraid of getting stuck. I change routines, try and do things differently. My boyfriend pointed this out the other day when I sat myself down at another chair than usual at the dining table. He asked why and I said I just somehow felt like changing my routine.




We hear many influencers and fashion bloggers complain about Instagram and its new algorithm. What role does the social platform play for you?

I do feel the new algorithm has changed my engagement, the loss of some posts and win on others, many followers don’t even get the content from the profiles they follow, which I think is very sad. 


Copenhagen Fashion Week just took place. Which fashion pieces are on your to-buy-list for this fall?

Slouchy boots, oversize blazers and a leather trench coat. 


What are some of your favorite brands, old and newcomers? Is there a recent discovery of something new that you could share with us?

I love Prada, Nanouska, Ellery and Saloni. They are all very feminine with a strong creative concept.


Laura Tønder gives you a photo diary and style inspiration for every girl to follow.


What are some upcoming projects that you are excited about?

I’m excited about running my first half marathon this fall. In the past six months I’ve focused on developing a stronger mind and body, and my first big challenge is this one.


Which are your favorite Instagram accounts for Inspiration?

All amazing and strong women that inspire me with their style but also as great friends.


For our last lookbook, you have been working with Maria Jernov. Can you tell a bit more about the hashtag you use when working together, #LTMJ?

Maria and I work together on creative projects using our skills in styling and photography to deliver content for brands to use, shooting looksboks, online campaigns or editorials.


Which piece is your favorite from the Mermaid Stories jewelry collection?

Asta, I love the lightness and simplicity together with the cool raw pearl.



Thank you so much for the interview, Laura!



➸ Head over to Laura's inspiring Instagram account to keep up with what's in style


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Interview by Mermaid Stories
Photos by Laura Tønder
October 15, 2018 von Mermaid Stories