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The holidays are approaching us with hasty steps, which means it’s time to consider what you are going to put underneath a Christmas tree for that special woman in your life. Christmas shopping can be much like a jungle: infinite options that are difficult to navigate through. And as if it wasn’t tricky enough, the process of finding that special present is made even trickier by the fact that we are all different and we all wish a very unique present that will compliment our personality and style.
To make your life during the holiday season easier, we have some options for the women in your life that all despite their differences have this in common: they aspire to inspire, refuse to settle and actively pursue their dreams.

A Special Present For Her Who Is Always There For Others

She is more than just a quiet listener in times of need. She is warmth, compassion, strength and aspiration. She is a solid pillar in a crumbling life. She is the helping hand you reach for, when everything is falling apart. We come to her, because we know that she will listen. We come to her, because she will plant a feeling of comfort within us, when we feel, as if everything is being pulled away, while we try to hold on. She is filled with so many lessons, great advice, so many things to be said. She is always awake before the ones around her open their eyes. She is always there for the ones in need. She has an ocean for a heart and a never ending energy that flows within her. She is an irreplaceable part of our lives, but we often take her unique spirit for granted.

We are lucky to have such a woman in our lives and this holiday season it is time to show her our gratitude and appreciation through a special present that will make her feel priceless, valued and truly special, as she is. She always puts others’ needs before her own, but now it is time to put her in the first place and tell her just how big of a role she plays in your life.

This Christmas, we are gifting this woman in our lives the soft, timeless and truly unique Olina pearl earrings that, we are sure, will make her smile and add a feminine touch to any of her outfits.


For Her Who Aims For The Stars

She is a woman with a grand vision that wakes up on bright and early mornings to pin down another great idea and start a new adventure. She challenges the status quo and always seeks a way to improve her life, her work, herself. She is the one that never stops questioning when else, where else and what else she could become. Her energy is never ending, and her dreams transform into reality not because of an invisible, magical force, but because of her eternal drive, motivation and solid actions. She has her head in the clouds, but always one foot out the door with a cup of coffee to-go in her hand, already doing, creating, inventing. She is that energy spark, that driving force in our lives that not only aspires to live her best life, but inspires people around her to do the same. She is a  dreamer, but also a doer. She is a true Mermaid muse.

This holiday season, we celebrate this woman’s will to make a change with the modern and edgy Louise watch that will help her keep track of time, while she is always on the go, always on her way to the next adventure.


A Unique Present For The Hopeless Romantic

Her happiness and confidence from within spreads warmth to her heart, brings a sparkle to her eyes and a secret, beguiling smile to her lips. There is lightness in her steps and soul. Her feminine spirit is attractive to all around her and the joy for life that effortlessly comes from somewhere deeply within herself is highly contagious. She believes in magic, she believes in love, she believe in the happily ever after. She is a dreamer, a romantic, a woman who sees beauty in just about anything and always gives the little things in life her curious attention. The glass is always half-full in her eyes, and there is always a way to make the journey beautiful, meaningful, impactful. She is the gentle, warming, guiding light in our lives and we are lucky to know her.

For the girly, dreamy, fragile woman like she, our unique and minimalistic Kaja necklace would be a dream come true this Christmas. It is simple, yet outstanding; minimalistic, yet one of a kind, just as she is. This lightweight necklace will perfectly undermine her personality and style this holiday season.


Whether it is your friend, colleague, mother or girlfriend that you want to surprise with a special treat, and whether she is an eternal optimist, the supporting shoulder or a woman who simply cannot sit still, her perfect, special and unforgettable Christmas present is a click away.

We wish you all a festive and memorable Christmas!

If you have any further questions about our products, delivery time or other details, get in contact with us at hello@mermaid-stories.com. We will be happy to help.