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Jewelry for your Wedding Day
There can be many important days in your life, but none of them are as destiny shaping and truly magical as the day you walk down the aisle towards the man of your dreams and happily say “yes” to spending your life with him - your wedding day.


It would be safe to say that many of us, women, dream about this day and visualize it since we are just little girls. We dream of the beautiful location that will host the best memories and be the perfect background for countless pictures, the stunning white dress we will wear, the flowers, the decorations. Everything is pre-planned in our minds long before the day actually arrives. And there’s nothing else that we want more than for everyone to have an unforgettable day and to feel truly special. Can you recognize yourself in this?

That's why one of the most important things for you, as a bride, is your wedding look: the dress, the veil, the shoes, the jewelry. It is common knowledge that many brides spend months and months searching for the perfect, white, outstanding, one of a kind wedding dress. But what only brides-to-be know, and what you may have already discovered in your preparations for the big day, is that accessories are equally as important as the dress itself, as they are what brings the look together - the final details.

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Wedding Jewelry Trends


Every bride is different, so there's no one with a style like yours, as you are unique and one of a kind. Depending on the culture that hosts the wedding, and the overall style and theme of the ceremony, over the years of bridal history many bridal jewelry trends have come and gone: bold hoop earrings, statement enamels, geometric forms, layered jewelry, floral prints and shapes, pastels, bright colors and sparkle and, of course, something borrowed and something blue. Yet, no matter what new, contemporary styles and trends bridal fashion and countess bridal magazines suggest for you each year, there is one bridal jewelry trend that will never go out of style: pearl jewelry.

Pearl Jewelry Solution For You


While some prefer the classic touch that brings their traditional bridal look together, other search for that edgy detail that will make them the center of everyone’s attention. Perlen are the perfect choice in any case, as they are embodiment of both tradition and style, timeless elegance and unique personality that will underline your character. 

The shiny, white, round pearls will suit the classic, traditional bridal style, while the raw, imperfect and stylish baroque pearls will compliment the modern bride. What style are you looking for on your special day?

Anyway, the styling possibilities for pearl jewelry, whether it is pearl earrings or pearl necklaces, are truly endless and suitable for whatever theme you choose.


Mermaid Stories Bridal Jewelry


Every piece of pearl jewelry we create is meant to compliment the individuality of the one who wears it, as well as it is meant to be a unique and wonderful experience to receive and wear the jewelry. Therefore, among our range of minimalistic, yet elegant, dreamy, playful and modern styles, you are sure to find the perfect jewelry just for you.

To help you along the journey of discovering jewelry for your wedding day, that not only will look stunning, but will also give you the confidence you need to walk down the aisle and meet the man of your dreams, we have put together a wedding jewelry collection of our most romantic jewelry pieces for you to discover below.

If you are the one who excitedly waits for your wedding day's arrival, we wish you a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience that comes together exactly as you envision it to be. And remember: you are the most beautiful bride in his eyes, no matter what bridal look you choose on your special day.

Bridal Jewelry: Pearl jewelry in gold, silver, gold-plated silver


Find the perfect finishing touch to your bridal look among elegant pearl jewelry styles
March 17, 2019 von Mermaid Stories
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